Christmas 2003

Dearest Family and Friends,

Another year has come and gone,
It's time to write this year's Christmas letter.
So, we'll try to keep it short and sweet,
We know you'll like it better!

Mike is doing well with Real Estate,
But still doesn't carry a briefcase.
And he gets to spend more time at home,
In fact, he's painting our whole place!

KaLisi has started part-time at work,
To help those bills get paid.
Mike is playing Mr. Mom so well,
We think he's really hired a maid!

Joshua has recently graduated to Nursery...
He runs and talks and whirls!
He's quite the character and we love him...
Especially with all those curls!

That just about wraps it up...
Not much else to share!
We hope this finds you all happy and safe...
We're signing off, til next year!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Love, Mike, KaLisi and Joshua Trentadue

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