No more lunches!

So it's the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! And I was thinking last night that it was my last night of packing lunches... and I rejoiced inside. FYI: I hate packing lunches. I dread it every single day, and I'm not sure why. It only takes about 10 minutes... and all summer, I will continue to make lunches for them every day. But for some reason when you have to pack it up, there's an extra stress involved. You have to be particular about what you put in; for example, no peanuts because of peanut allergies, making sure it's well rounded, trying to change it up a bit so they don't get tired of it and stop eating it... and making sure I have everything on hand, often includes a 9pm run to the grocery store, and I hate that! And did I mention, you also have to pack a snack??

Now some of you may wonder why it's such a big deal. To be honest, I'm not sure why myself. In fact, now that I'm writing that out, I'm wondering why I'm complaining about it... but it has never been something I've enjoyed, and now it's literally the bane of my existence... for some reason.

But today, I'm breathing a little easier because I don't have to do it. That is until next week, when Josh has scout camp... but after that, NEVER AGAIN! That is until next fall when they start school again.

Who am I kidding?

The truth is, I will be making lunches for 16 more years. There, I said it.

And before anyone says it... I know they could do it themselves. And for awhile, they did. But the OCD part of me goes crazy when they don't pack the bag right and risk smashing their sandwich. Or they only put in 3 grapes and 1,000 goldfish. The ironic thing, is that I know deep down that I want to pack their lunches... sort of a labor of love every day to make sure everything is just right, and on special occassions I like to throw in little surprises like candy or notes.

So yes, I'm going to enjoy the next 2,880 more days, or at least try.

fighting + talking back = ESSAY

Written by Josh:

Being respectful to your mom is important because one of these things will happen to you! They will ground you, make you write sentences, write an essay like I'm doing now and smack your rear end till it starts to bleed. :( You should never talk back to your parents. My mom makes me write sentences and paragraphs and stories if I do those things and finally and last and next she'll ground me for life. The reason why my mom sent me to my room is because I was saying some things you should NEVER say to your mom or this will happen to you. She might also take your favorite things away like toys and your most favorite sport... like mine is baseball. Even tho my mom wants me to go to baseball, she still sometimes... only sometimes makes me not go because I don't deserve it. But I know she loves me. Even tho she may seem sometimes really made, she will still always love you.
The End.

He sure can be a stinker... but he's right... I do love him (more then he'll know)... and he's a handsome little bugger!

Oh... and for the record... I have NEVER smacked his read end til it bled. I just think it's hilarious that he wrote it.

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