Postcard from the Trentadue's - 2004

It's that time again to give a report,
We'll really try hard not to bore.
But it's especially tricky to sum up our lives
For the whole year of 2004!

We'll try to keep this nice and short,
And definitely not too wordy.
And oh, by the way, Mike's not so young...
In fact, he just turned thirty!

Mike played baseball this summer,
He hit doubles and caught balls on the fly,
KaLisi keeps busy staying at home...
She loves it and NEVER asks why!

When we asked Josh what he wanted to share,
He didn't think very hard,
He said he liked "to play in slippery mud,
And ride his bike in the yard!"

This year has been great, we have to admit...
We have lots to be thankful for!
With family and friends just like you,
We feel like we have even more!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Mike, KaLisi and Josh

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