unexcused absence

I stumbled out of bed this morning at 6:37am, wrapped myself in my robe, fumbled with my glasses, ran a hand through my hair and realized that it was going to take some work to tame the bird's nest I had going on up there... I made my way into the hallway to find Josh already up and dressed, which was a pleasant surprise.

But as my eyes adjusted to the light I saw Caleb's silhouette sitting motionless in the doorway of the playroom at the end of the hall. My heart jumped when, as I started walking closer, he growled, "Get away from me... I don't want to go to school!" His glare pierced my soul... and it suddenly felt like a scene from Poltergeist as he started clawing at me to get away from him. For the next 25 minutes I attempted an exorcism to release poor Caleb from his devilish nemesis, in order to make the bus on time.

I was unsuccessful.

Instead, I sent Caleb back to bed and confined him to the house all day with nothing to do but read books and complete random homework assignments of my choosing, in hopes that I would make him so miserable that he would learn his lesson about staying home from school. I had forgotten how resilient Caleb is, so it was not surprising that after a brief nap, he was bounding around the house in a Sesame Street sort of way completing any chore I could think of. The playroom floor was covered with books and he was happy as can be. When I pulled out the Kindergarten workbook and made him trace every letter, he was literally whistling! The only exception was when he had to complete a real homework assignment that is due tomorrow. He suddenly developed ADD like symptoms and was having trouble focusing. But, I hardly blame him after hours of working.

It's still unclear to me whether or not he learned his lesson about staying home from school. I guess only time will tell. Now the problem I face, is how to convince the school secretary that "possessed by an evil spirit" should be considered an excused absence.

my 2nd wind....and my 100th post!

I'm not a morning person. I stay up too late, by choice. Last night I perused through the free copy of Parenting Magazine that came in the mail. I know I need my 8 hours and I know should go to bed... but I like to stay up late.

But now that school has started and my alarm goes off at 6:30 am, I have to do a lot of self-talk to get out of bed in the morning after only 6 hours of sleep. It's painful. But today I convinced myself that I would get back in bed after the bus leaves and snooze the morning away. That's the only thing that would make getting out of bed an option. This morning, I needed that option.

So against my will, I rouse the boys from their slumber. They look like they could sleep for a few more hours, so the temptation is great to just turn around and go back to bed, but I open the curtains anyway. Josh pops up out of bed right away. But Caleb needs more convincing. Eventually, they are up and moving... but they are causing a ruckus!

Loud commotion in the morning is unacceptable, especially today, because it might wake up Brooks... and then all hopes of an early morning nap are off! So when the morning started off with teasing and squealing and loud teeth-brushing and stomping, I started threatening, and "evil eye" giving, and shush-ing!

Then it's off to the bus... and back again. My body is heavy and my eyes are burning. But now I'm too awake to go to sleep. I just lay there.... Blast it all!

I hate waking up at 6:30!

First day of school

All decked out in their "semi-new" clothes, (we didn't really have a need to go school shopping because they have a ton of shirts, that they never wear, which includes, but is not limited to collared shirts... although they did get new shoes...) Josh and Caleb were excited for the first day of school. CORRECTION: Caleb was excited, Josh was annoyed. Thank goodness for peer pressure, because once we started walking toward the bus and seeing other kids emerging from their houses, he started to get on board.

After a smooth morning of eating breakfast and taming some unruly hair, I thought we were off to a great start leaving 10 minutes early to account for any first day mishaps. Good thing too... because I ended up having to sprint back to the house because I forgot to pin Caleb's "school bus tag" on him. For those of you who are not aware what this is... this is a very crucial part of his wardrobe because it clearly identifies him as a "Kindergartner" and should he get lost, it would notify any adult where he should be.

It was a bitter-sweet moment to see that big, yellow cheesewagon round the corner. I snapped a quick picture, and headed toward the already crowded bus. There didn't appear to be any empty seats in the front, (where the K's usually sit) so I, along with all the other Kindergarten moms were nervously pointing out our little K's. The driver shrugged his shoulders and just said, "I'm full, they just have to find a seat."

I felt so helpless, walking along the outside of the bus, watching Caleb's eyes scan the seats of the bus as he kept shuffling further and further to the back of the bus! But thank goodness for older brothers... although Josh temporarily forgot about Caleb as he bounded on the bus... he eventually "took him under his little brotherly wing" and they sat together about 5 seats from the back of the bus. (breath sigh of relief because at least they were together)

Now, I have to just trust in the school system... and have faith that they will return him to me safe and sound.

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