Trentadue Trivia 2005


Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to put the actual puzzle on here... so you'll just have to pretend!

5. Josh's favorite flicks (hint: you'll have to use the force for this one)
6. Josh was this superhero for Halloween
8. Color of Caleb's eyes
9. Number of hours Caleb sleeps at night
10. Theme for Josh's next birthday party (hint:"Finding ...")
11. Mike's trade
12. Caleb's birth month
15. Caleb's latest triumph

1. Josh's age in 2006
2. Caleb's approximate weight in December
3. Trentadue's residence
4. Josh and Mike's winter construction project
5. KaLisi's favorite thing to do with 2 kids!
6. Mike's church calling (hint: "don't feed the bears!")
7. Trentadue's are currently hunting for a _____
8. Mike's further course of study
13. Mike did this when he was trying to pound his sign into a seller's yard (FYI: no injuries)
14. KaLisi was almost attached by a ____ (FYI: no injuries)

5. Star Wars - Although he still doesn't understand that Anakin turns in Darth Vadar, Josh loves to watch them with his dad. We especially love it when he makes an entrance humming the "Vadar theme song", all while wearing mask and cape, with accompanying light saber!
6. Dash - In case you didn't already know, Dash is the speedy little superhero from "The Incredibles"
8. Blue - As of now, Caleb is still sporting blue eyes like big bro Josh! We're still wondering if he'll inherit the same curly blonde hair!
9. Nine - For just over 3 months, we think he's doing pretty good to sleep through the night!
10. Nemo - Josh has already informed us that he wants a "Nemo" party, complete with a "Bruce" (the shark) cake!
11. Real Estate - Business is booming even during the winter months! We definitely feel blessed!
12. August - Caleb R. was born August 30th at 5:06 p.m.
15. Rolling over - Although we have yet to see it in person, we know he's done it because he wakes up on his back once in awhile.

1. Four - Josh will be turning 4 on January 25th and is already looking forward to his birthday part!
2. Nineteen - Yes, our little heavyweight weighs in at 19+ pounds... and still growin'!
3. Virginia - Hope you got this one right... as we gave it away in the "return address"
4. Snowman - The snow was so wet and heavy that they couldn't even make a big snowman, so it was only about 1 1/2 feet tall. And the snowballs were so hard that they actually had to drill holes for the eyes, nose and mouth!
5. Shopping - Could you sense the sarcasm? Not that lugging around a large diaper bag and piling groceries on top of Josh doesn't have it's perks... but let's just say, grocery shopping is something that KaLisi would rather do alone.
6. Denleader - However, Mike always refers to himself as the "Den Mother", since he does more babysitting then scouting.
7. House - We have been on the lookout for a bigger house for months... but we're in no hurry to move and so we're being picky and attempting to find the "perfect house". (Question: does the perfect house really exist?)
8. Broker - Mike is in the process of taking Broker's classes and should be official in a few months.
13. Fell - Since the yard was sloped, the sign had to be pounded in at an angle. As Mike was jumping on the sign to drive it in, he slipped and landed right on his back!
14. Dog - The neighbor's dog was running loose and cornered KaLisi between the house and car! She was jumping around screaming until she made a mad dash for the house. Then had to use a folding chair as a weapon to get to the car again!

"What a glorious and wonderful season of year this is... Our hearts change. Our attitudes change. Our way of thinking changes. There is a little more forgiveness in us. A little more kindness. A little more love. A little more patience. Thanks be to God for the gift of His Son, and thanks be to His Son for the gift of His life.
How grateful we are for this Christmas season."
~~ Gordon B. Hinckley

We hope that you have a wonderful Christmas season, and know that we continue to think of you always!
Mike, KaLisi, Josh and Caleb

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