Laundry or bunnies?

I can't decide if my laundry is actually a living creature, or not. Every time I turn around, it is reproducing with itself... if that's even possible... in what I can only guess is an attempt to survive and avoid becoming extinct forever! ... Or maybe it's because I do SEVERAL batches of laundry, only to get tired of it and not touch it for a few days, thus getting behind?... Naaaaahhhh... it's multiplying with itself!

In an attempt to stay on top of it all, I typically convince myself that once I have completed a project, I won't have to do it again... ever. It must be some sort of coping mechanism, because I do it with laundry, vacuuming, mopping, grocery shopping, and rotating the kids' clothes in and out of storage. Deep down, I know it's not possible that I will NEVER have to do it again... but day after day, I trick myself into a soothing sort of denial, until that dreadful day comes when it is time to do it all over again!

I need therapy! ... or maybe just a maid!


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Anonymous said... November 23, 2009 at 2:50 PM

I do the same thing....I think we have talked about this before...the denial of a moms never ending jobs...its the only way things will get done!! cause if you actually think about it and that it will NEVER EVER end...I think there would be alot more days where we say "it can wait until tomorrow!" And then we would all end up on those "Hoarders" shows!! SCARY!! LOVE YA!! NADENE P.S. And the clothes do multiply...I see it everyday, in the kids rooms...in my room...and in the laundry room...those naughty dirty clothes!! :)

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