Brooks Bond... 007

Brooks, my 18 month old, has a knack for slipping, unnoticed, into rooms and shutting the door behind him. This immediately gets him off my radar, because when I see a closed door, I assume that it kept him out. It's only after I've looked in every other opened-door-room that it finally dawns on me that he's managed to disarm the door and slip in undetected. The end result can often be catastrophic! You might wonder how I can be fooled so easily... trust me, I wonder the same thing... especially when it happens daily.

Here's how I think he does it. He quietly awaits. He is constantly plotting, and uses his seemingly innocent "playing" as a decoy. He has learned my pattern of behavior and can calculate the exact time it takes me to rotate a batch of laundry, or unload a dishwasher. He has an acute sense of timing, despite his inability to tell time. But most importantly, his ability to sense my moment of weakness, (along with his highly sensitive cloaking device) and sneak beyond enemy lines, which leads me to believe that he truly is a mastermind!

Here are a few of his recent victories...

--toilet paper roll emptied onto bathroom floor
--toothpaste mountain on the bathroom counter
--clothes from his drawers strewn all over the room and mixed in with dirty clothes pile... what's clean? what's dirty?
--permanent marker on the couch, wall and window

and my personal favorite...

--remote control in the toilet

Bravo Brooks... I've been foiled again!
Here's the little bugger dancing because he got hold of the xbox remote!


3 Responses to "Brooks Bond... 007"

Anonymous said... March 23, 2010 at 1:41 PM

I'm scared now when the baby comes...I think 5 years between kids is too long...my mind has completely forgotten all the tricks of their trade!! That is too funny...Brooks 007!! love, NaDene

Jenina said... March 23, 2010 at 3:46 PM

I LOVE reading your blog!! Especially now that I have a boy (and even a boy the exact age as Brooks) I can not only relate, but recall similar or identical experiences! I'm always laughing so hard at your posts, but I've been bad at leaving comments. These little guys really do HAVE to be plotting in order to carry out disasters at this type of magnitude!!

Jenina said... March 31, 2010 at 9:41 PM

It was cracking me up how Caleb was slowly convinced that he would have nothing without Josh!

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