Teleporting... that's the new term that we (my family) came up with to describe Brooks' uncanny ability to escape from supervision.

I seriously think my family thought I was crazy when I would tell them that how frequently I can lose sight of my 3rd-born. "You're just too busy with the other two", they would say. Or, "You're getting more relaxed in your old age."

But on Day 1 of being in Alaska, he mastered opening the front door and using his little "cat feet" ventured out of sight in a matter of seconds. The only difference was I had several eye-witnesses. I finally felt vindication!

The thing that is so deceiving about him is that he doesn't run at lightning speed knocking and stomping over everything in his path to get away. That would be too obvious. He takes tiny baby steps, that actually make him appear to not be moving at all. He does this until you tire of watching him, and look away in search of something a little faster paced. It's at that moment that the baby steps actually thrust him into hyper-drive and in less than a nano-second he is able to disappear from view and teleport himself into a completely different location.

Thankfully, none of his teleportations ever resulted in injuries or kidnappings. But it's enough to put everyone in the family into panic mode desperately trying to locate my tiny toddler on a large farm.


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