It may be yes, or it may be no.

That's the answer I got when I googled "metal bowl in microwave".

Why did I google that?

Because I saw a bowl of half-cooked, half-eaten instant oatmeal on the counter Sunday morning. Only after I wondered why it wasn't fully cooked, did I realize that the bowl was in fact METAL. If there's one thing I know about microwave cooking, it's not to put anything metal in there. I'm afraid my 8 year old son is NOT aware of this important rule.

So rather then letting images of lighting bolts and flames run rampant in my brain, I went straight to "Google" for an explanation of what exactly would happen. The possible scenarios ranged from "nothing would happen" to "metal would expand and possibly blow up, flames or lighting bolts could result causing serious injury, metal heating up to volcanic temperatures causing severe burns upon removal." (scenarios may or may not be exaggerated by my imagination and for dramatic effect)

I finally broke down and asked Josh the details. In order to get the "real" story, I tried to be subtle, so as not to cause alarm. Here's how the conversation went.

Mom: So, did you enjoy your oatmeal this morning?
Josh: Yup.
Mom: It looked a little undercooked... are you sure it tasted good?
Josh: Yup. I like it that way.
Mom: So what made you not cook it all the way?
Josh: I just wanted to try it.
Mom: So nothing happened with the microwave?
Josh: Nope.

Later on I told Mike about the "Metal Bowl Incident of November 14th, and after making sure that no damage was caused to the microwave, he initiated the following conversation.

Dad: So, did you put a metal bowl in the microwave? (His voice was smothered in a boyhood curiosity for all things dangerous)
Josh: Yeah, it was a full-on lighting storm in there!

They practically were high-fiving each other and doing chest-bumps! I guess my "approach" in trying to get the truth was all wrong. Boys.

At least he didn't do THIS.


3 Responses to "It may be yes, or it may be no."

Heather Payne said... November 16, 2010 at 8:27 AM

I have to admit that I've done it before without noticing. I put a bowl with a metal RIM in there and it was "a full-on lightening storm". I con only imagine a full metal bowl! To be honest, if I weren't the adult responsible for replacing the broken microwave it would number among cooler things I've seen... and I've seen a midget ride a scooter off the divingboard into the pool.

Valerie said... November 20, 2010 at 2:31 PM

I followed your link from Mormon Mommy Blogs. Your little boys are such cuties!

Lynn said... November 20, 2010 at 4:48 PM

My son put in a piece of china with a silvery rim. It didn't spark or blow up but it got so hot that he dropped it when he pulled it out, and I think it left a blister on his finger. One less piece of my china.

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