I should've slept in today.

I think I know "the schools" better then they know themselves.

We woke up this morning to 2 inches of fresh snow, and it was still snowing. I checked the messages, and the news, and they hadn't cancelled school yet. I kept dragging my feet on getting ready, because I knew that this "storm" was worthy of canceling school.

I do need to clarify something -- I'm an Alaskan -- I personally do not believe in canceling school, or ANYTHING for that matter, just because of a little snow, or even a lot of snow for that matter! In fact, I only remember one time where school was canceled in Alaska, and it wasn't because of snow... it was because of severe cold (-40 or colder). But after ten years of living here in Richmond, I've learned to predict when school will be canceled. And after much reluctance, I realize that not everyone is used to driving in snow, and that Virginia does not have the resources to adequately clear snow. Therefore, I understand the need to cancel school, work and church... even though I think it's completely ridiculous, and I often feel like the laughing stock of my fellow Alaskans.

So the reason for my frustration this morning, is not because they canceled school.... it's because they canceled school at 7:33 a.m.!

I can read minds... and I know what the school county officials were thinking.... "We've already cancelled school for 4 days, and delayed it 2 hours one day... we really don't want to cancel it again. Maybe if we wait a little longer, it will all just disappear! We can't make decisions. We don't know what to do! Oh wait, I know! Let's wait until 17 minutes before school starts... when people have already shoveled their driveways and brushed off their cars, when buses are already picking up kids, when kids are already arriving at school, and when parents have already left for work! Yes, that's a great idea!... Make the calls!"

So now, after an emergency canceling of schools due to inclement weather the snow stops falling 48 minutes later. It's almost embarrassing that after just 2 inches of snow, once again, everything is shut down.

Now, my eyes are burning and I'm very tired... and I wish that I was still in bed, oblivious to all this snow drama.


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