How did you spend your Sunday?

This was my Sunday...

Sunday mornings are a whirl-wind of button-up shirts, ties, black socks and hair gel. By the time I dried my hair and was packing up the "church bag", I finally got a good look at Caleb. His eyes were a crusty, watery, red mess, and he was squinting from the light. My executive decision to take him to Patient First was based on the fact that he poked his eye with a bookmark 2 days prior, combined with his allergic reaction to pollen resulting in severe irritation.

After an hour in the waiting room, we ran out of things to "I-Spy"... so, luckily we were called back to the exam room, aka 2nd waiting room. The doctor, who I wasn't even sure spoke fluent English and kept tilting her head to the side like she didn't understand me, put these colored drops in his eyes so she could see if there was any "trauma" to his eyes. I had to keep in my laughter as she held up the florescent/black light and revealed his glow-in-the-dark eyeballs that suddenly had a radio-active glow to them. I was certain Caleb would've gotten a kick out of this and wished I had my camera to take a picture.

Her diagnosis was "trauma and irritation to his eyes" and she perscribed a saline irrigation along with drops and ointment. Just to get him to the doctor's office, I had to bribe him with Swedish Fish and promise him that they would probably only put a few drops in his eyes and look at them. So I started sweating at the word "irrigation" and decided to forego telling him what they were going to do until the nurse came back in to carry it out. When she pulled out the enormous bag of water, I tried not to gasp.

He had to lay on the table with his head hanging over the edge, with a pan of water below to catch all the water. Then she got out the tube and told him it would be shocking at first, but he had to keep his eyes open and be brave. I was worried how he would do with eye drops, let alone flushing out his eyes with 250 cc's! As I watched him grip the sidebars of the bed, and stiffen up like a corpse, this "saline irrigation" more accurately resembled water-boarding! Turns out, Caleb is a lot braver then I thought, and would outlast any interrogator... He was a trooper and did great!

So after 2 hours, we were finally on our way out... SIDEBAR: and then we ran into someone we knew. As it turns out, I've decided that Patient First is a weird place to run into people you know. I think it might rank up there with prison, because you can't really ask, "Hey, what are you in for?" without risking serious embarrassment when they answer "hemmroids... or... severe constipation". You just have to say hello, and make a quick exit!

But I'm a "glass full" kind of girl... so what's the bright side? Turns out, Caleb thinks the eye drops are a breeze compared to irrigating! Hope your Sunday was as good as ours!


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