date night

For our Friday night date night, I suggested to Mike that we watch the movie "7 Brides for 7 Brothers". I ordered it on Amazon and I haven't seen it since I lived at home... my sisters and mom would watch the VHS version over and over and over again. I'm not ashamed to say that I practically have it memorized. (all the better, right?)

Mike's first reaction to this idea was to say, "I know, why don't we curl up and watch it Sunday night?" Although I was intrigued by his cuddly terminology, I questioned the delay in watching it. The moment it occurred to me that he would be long gone in Chicago on Sunday night, I almost threw a pillow at him.

My hopes dashed... I sulked on the couch for not quite 3 minutes until he redeemed himself by sincerely insisting that we watch it. smart man.

Both of us were surprised at how much he enjoyed it! A good musical does everyone a little good! And now after two days of hearing him sing, "Bless yer beautiful hide..." I realize that we have an adoring fan of musicals in the family. And I don't even mind that he continues singing it as long as he remembers the phrase, "heavenly eyes... and just the right size!" :) right girls?


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