Isn't it ironic???...don't ya think?

For the past 2 weeks, I haven't had a car because Mike was in a car accident. Everyone is safe and sound... but it turns out that the car is totalled, so we have to buy a new one. Irony #1: The car was almost paid off.

The week following the accident, Mike was super busy and couldn't go pick up a rental car for a few days. Irony #2: By the time he was available to pick it up, Enterprise was completely out of cars!

Meanwhile, I've been going crazy and have hardly left the house... but today when I called for a rental car, they actually had one available. HALLELUJIAH! It is now sitting in my drive-way. Irony #3: We're still stranded at home... not because we don't have wheels, but because I have cramps and the kids have been fighting all day!

Go figure!

Here is Mike's beloved Cadi... RIP RMAX 04!


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