And I'm back!

My computer went down and wouldn't boot up for almost 2 weeks, and you would have thought that I lost my right arm! Seriously, you never realize how debilitating no internet access can be until you have to go without it. I couldn't check email (which is more vital then a phone to me). I had to unfold a real map and route my own directions so I could go to a bridal shower. I had to thumb through an actual cookbook to find a recipe that contained 3 specific ingredients and would only take 23 minutes from start to finish. I had to pay some of my bills with a stamp and envelope because I couldn't use my BillPay. All of these things were completely inconvenient.

But at the same time, it actually has been a little more relaxing around here, because I have been blissfully unaware of the things that I could have... should have... would have done, if I had simply gotten the email. But as a result, I had one less thing on my To-Do List... one less thing to feel guilty about... one less thing to occupy my mind with.

And to be completely honest, I would almost recommend it to anyone to "lose" their cell phone for a week... or just turn off their computer for a few days just to experience the brief euphoria that accompanies complete and utter ignorance. I know, I know... ignorance is never true happiness... but it does feel good for a little while!


3 Responses to "And I'm back!"

Anonymous said... September 17, 2009 at 12:03 AM

I wondered where you had gone or if something happened. Nice to know you are back. Love you, Mom

Anonymous said... September 17, 2009 at 2:28 PM

Glad to know you got a little break you busy woman! But I missed reading your blogs! seriously they have become part of my daily routine! Even if it means re-reading some older ones just for laughs, inspriation or whatever! love, nadene

Caroline said... September 22, 2009 at 10:22 AM

Glad to have you back! I miss your "laughing till my sides ache" postings!

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