If there's a Wii, there's a way!

"Could they ask me any more questions? How many snacks can one 4 year old eat? Is it possible for the house to be any messier? How long has that bag of grapes been in his backpack? If I have to pick up one more sock, I'm gonna...! Are they really fighting AGAIN? Oh no, please don't tell me they woke up the baby!"

All of this is normal chatter that rumbles through my head on any given day... and most of the time, it goes almost unnoticed. I go from one thought to the next without much effort. It just floats around in there, and I just keep on going. It must be some sort of coping mechanism that all moms are endowed with, otherwise, I'm sure that we would all face certain, and unavoidable insanity.

But there are some days where these thoughts are enough to push me over the edge. A couple weeks ago, it was on a day such as this, (let's call this day "D-Day", which will serve as an alternative to boring you with all the gorey details) that I was actually pushed beyond my limits. I was feeling torn in every which way... emotionally, mentally and even physically! Now, I've come close to this state of being before, and thought that I had exceeded my own capabilities, but in reality, I wasn't even close to where I was on D-Day. And as scary as it sounds, I'm sure that someday in the future, I will be stretched again and will find myself looking back on D-Day and laughing. After all, that's how we grow, right? ... The next trial will seem a little easier because of what we have experienced in the past, therefore making us that much more prepared?

So back to my story... on my D-Day, I was miserable. But, there were still things to do, someone else's needs to be met, little mouths to feed, a little person that needed a nap. And it was more then I could do!

But I found myself rescued! Not by someone... but rather, something came to my rescue and saved my life that day! His name was Indiana Jones! Wii Lego Indiana Jones, to be more specific! He miraculously had the ability to subdue my needy children for a couple of hours while I rushed around in my crazy state of mind! There was something about his square physique, and the way that he cracked that whip, that captured the attention of Josh and Caleb, and kept them completely entertained when I couldn't!

Now I'm not condoning playing video games all day, every day... but there are days when we all need a little extra help! So on those days where you're feeling stretched beyond what you can stand... just think to yourself, "Where there's a Wii, there's a way!" That's what I learned on my D-Day!

my hero... isn't he handsome?


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