Peace of Mind

"I have a hole in my foot!" Josh's upper lip contorted in 7 different directions before his eyes welled with tears and he sobbed as he climbed back in the car!

Caleb was practically giddy as he did a little quick-step back and forth on the pavement and begging for me to do it again!

Brooks squealed with delight at seeing his brothers again.


On the way home from a birthday party, all three boys were fighting over everything from party favors to who saw the slug-bug first. I was suffering from mild heat stroke due to sitting in the wretched sun at a baseball game, which presented itself in the form of a massive head ache. I was sweaty from cleaning all afternoon. And my legs ached, just because. I couldn't imagine driving home another minute with the screeching from the back seat.

So in an instant, I swerved into an empty parking lot without a plan. I thought about just sitting there until they could calm down. I've tried this before. But that would only torture me further, since it usually takes them 5 minutes to realized we stopped in the first place. So I ordered Josh and Caleb out of the car. I still had no idea what I was doing at this point. But I couldn't stand to look at them another minute. I had to repeat the order 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 times before they got out. I responsibly waited until both boys were clear of the car, then I sped away! I thought about leaving the parking lot completely only to come back eventually, but I worried they would try to follow me onto the busy road. So I just circled them, weaving around light posts and medians. With every turn, I would catch a glimpse (often in my rear-view mirror) of them attempting to anticipate my next move as they zig-zagged back and forth. The whole time, they were running almost full-speed. Did I mention that Josh was shoeless?

After a couple minutes (literally 2 minutes), I figured they had had enough. So I stopped and allowed them to catch up to me. I rolled down the window and Josh screamed at me! I told him calmly that he needed some more time to think about how he had been acting... and then I drove off again!

By this time, I was feeling rejuvenated! Instead of anxiety and anger, I felt amusement, with only a smidge of guilt. I made one final loop among the empty parking spaces and slowed to a stop right next to my tired offspring.

"Mommy just needed a little quite time!" I said happily.

Josh grumbled inaudibly under his breath and Caleb begged me to do it again!

On the way home, we continued to have a discussion about the importance of behaving politely and quietly in the car. When I passed our street and kept going, they both questioned where I was going.

"I'm going to get you all turned around, so when I drop you off, you won't know how to get home!" I teased.

Both little bodies froze, and I could see their eyes on me in my rear-view mirror....

"Cool!" they both said in unison!

I did end up dropping them off on the side of the road... and they took a well-known short-cut through the trees... and beat me to the house!

(Random running pictures)


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Fun On a Dime Lady said... October 2, 2010 at 11:49 AM

Hello! Thanks for entering to win the Kristi Approved program. I noticed you left one comment for all 3 entries. It is one entry per comment, so make sure you leave another 2 comments. I would hate for you to miss out on 2 entries.

P.S. Your boys are sure cuties!

Anonymous said... October 3, 2010 at 2:02 AM

You sure have a gift of writing it gets me wrapped in to your hilarious stories instantly! I am using that one next time my boys are fighting in the car! Thanks!

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